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A, B, and C are searching for their friends, the other letters of the alphabet. D, E, and F are having a tea party. G, H, and I are climbing a tree. How will the letters find each other? What will they see? Where will they end up? Join the letters of the alphabet as they travel the world, meet new friends, and build something beautiful together.

Written by an Early Literacy Specialist, ABC, ABC What Do You See? is a fun, interactive story that teaches children one of the building blocks of literacy: our alphabet. As author Jill Javelosa-Alvarez says, literacy is not just letteracy, and the story’s dynamic narrative also increases developing vocabulary, and promotes multicultural cooperation. Using the 3Rs (rhyme, rhythm, and repetition), the book will teach young readers an appreciation of storytelling, and how to navigate a book from left to right and top to bottom.


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